Heal Your Body, Relax and Rejuvenate

Your  first appointment comes with a 15 minute consultation, I can then offer a tailored treatment based on your requirements. Get in touch with me today to see how I can create a personal plan for your specific needs. Please note that my Massage therapy and Aromatherapy is exclusively for women.

Holistic Massage Treatment

Holistic body massage uses the basic Swedish techniques using light, effleurage strokes,  and deeper targeted strokes, petrissage, for deep tissue massage.  

The whole body can be massaged, with gentle strokes and building pressure as the tissues soften and relax. 


Deep Tissue Massage uses light strokes to warm the tissues and skin, the deeper strokes, include kneading, knuckling and reinforced hands to apply deeper pressure.   This can be followed by percussion, known as 'tapotement' cupping and hacking with the hands for 'wake up' strokes can ease a congested area, increase circulation and blood flow.

Relaxing massage incorporates some of the techniques with gentler strokes, gliding and sliding, to warm the underlying tissues to oxygenate the area and release points of tension.

Massage has a naturally uplifting effect, boosting natural 'feel good' hormones, to promote a sense of balance in body and mind.   Massage aids, sleep, our emotional health, physical health, reduce pain and inflammation

ease aching joints, strengthens the immune system.

Deep Tissue

Relaxing Full Body

Head, shoulders and neck

Facial and head


Lower leg/foot

Prices £30 - 30 minutes

          £45  - 45 minutes

           £50 -  55 minutes 

Safe environment

Good hygiene standards are practised.

Modesty is protected at all times with use of towels, robe if needed.



 Facial Massage

Using Luxury Artisan brand Apothespa 

Natural and Organic 

Light and gentle effleurage strokes around the face to remove tension in the jaw and face, boost lymphatic drainage, the facial oils nourish the skin, leaving your skin feeling recharged with vitality promoting a healthy glow. 


  £30 - 30 mins 

£45 - 45 mins


Apothespa pure plant skin care products are made by hand and have been formulated using a combination of modern scientific knowledge and the powerful plant based knowledge used by our ancestors

Natural ingredients such as aromatherapy oils, vegetable oils and butters offer a viable natural alternative for nourishing your skin and maintaining a natural, radiant beauty.

Products are SLS, parabens free, not tested on animals