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Pain be gone

Aromatherapy is a skilled practice of using plant based extracted therapeutic essential oils into blends or single oils to aid health and wellbeing.

Use a compress - Compresses are a great way of using essential oils to great effect and adding either hot or cold to treat the issue. This simple but effective way of easing pain, insect bites, bruising and a fever, takes a few minutes to prepare and used at home.

A warm compress will help with chronic pain and cold compress for acute pain.

For a warm compress, place a soft cloth in a bowl of warm water and infuse with essential oils, Rosemary for muscle aches and geranium for menstrual cramps.

Place the compress on the area affected of the body, leave the warm compress in place for a few minutes and the essential oils will enter the body via the skin and begin their therapeutic effects. Repeat as needed.

For a cold compress place a soft cloth in a bowl of water, infuse with peppermint essential oil and then place in a bag and put in the freezer. When the cloth is ice cold place on the affected area of the body, i.e. forehead for a headache or back of neck to release tension. Infuse with clove oil for toothache, or lavender for insect bites. Repeat as needed.

The cloths can be washed and reused.

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