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Clinical Aromatherapist Consultation

Clinical Aromatherapy can optimise general health and welling,

to aid sleeplessness, anxiety, pain, menstrual pain, stress, boost immune system

The consultation is approximately 60 minutes to gain insight into your medical history and review of your general lifestyle, health and wellbeing. 


A remedy is selected from a range of essential oils to meet your individual needs and help support your physical and mental health, encouraging the body to heal.

60 minute consultation includes a 10 ml roller blend aromatherapy essential oils  £75.00

Aromatic essential oils have been used for thousands of years, in remedies, perfumes, cosmetics, rituals and anointing.

Essential oils can be used today to aid with health and well being,

natural healers, versatile, mood enhancing, calming and soothing, uplifting and refreshing. 

A natural and healthy way to include these natural plant essences through aromatherapy. 

Applying Essential Oil
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